Dull Physics

Modern Physics by Charles Dull, copyright 1943. It's over 600 pages and chock full of beautiful line drawings and other illustrations, three three-color color plates, and is overall a real treasure. Acquiring the pages of this book in digital form was straightforward (though time-consuming, about 30 seconds per scan, prep work not included).

Dull Physics was sewn and stapled. After removing the boards, spine, and end papers, the thread and staples were removed and discarded.

Never underestimate the power of a microspatula! I decided to work with the individual signatures and process them one at a time through image acquisition.

I die a little every time I slice up a book. Processing the text block this way allowed me to acquire the images *nearly* in page order, however.

The pages tended to stick to one another, so I learned to feed the leaves through the ADF one at a time.